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Dragon Boat Festival China

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival by Olanka303When & Where The Dragon Boat Festival China takes place in the Hunan Province in China on the fifth day of the fifth Lunar month. This is referred to as Duan-wu and will fall on June 6th 2011 and on June 23rd 2012.

Good places to see China's Dragon Boat Festival are the Mi Lo River and along the Yangtze river.

What to Expect There's a procession of drums as locals gather with drums beating and beautifully decorated boats floating. There's lots of food - zongzi dumplings and local wine aka hsiung huang on offer from locals. The Dragon Boat Race is really exciting with the winning team having to hang from the Dragon Head on their boat and grab the victory flag. The celebrations go late into the night with fireworks and traditional Chinese dancing to entertain you.

Getting there Book a flight into any airport in China here or book a train in Asia here.

Accommodation in Hunan Province

Where to stay Book your accommodation for the dragon Boat Festival below. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in the Hunan Province and the rest of China available here.

History of Chinas Dragon Boat Festival

In the year 278BC Qu Yuan a local of the Chu state threw himself into the river in protest of the states invasion by the state Chinese state of Qin. The dismayed villagers took to their fiching boats in oreder to save him from evil spirits with a ceremony of drum beating. Qin was to conquer all states creating China.

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