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Coopers Capers Festival

Enemy of the State
Americas most successful hi-jacker: DB
Cooper Mugshot - thanks Washington Police! Coopers Capers Festival

When & Where The Coopers Capers Festival takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving Merwin Village Rd. in Ariel in the state of Washington in America.

What to Expect At Coopers Capers Festival there's a tall-tale competition whereby people try to tell the biggest lie to explain Coopers escape. There’s also parachute jumping as well as a look-alike competition. The five year festival brings almost double the numbers e.g. 2011, 2016 and so on.

Getting there Book a flight into any international airport in America here or book a train here.

Accommodation in Washington State

Where to stay Book your accommodation Coopers Capers in advance. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Washington State and America available here.

History: Coopers Capers the Escaped Hijacker

History In 1971 Cooper hijacked a 727 plane holding up the plane with a bomb threat. He escaped by parachute into the night with $200,000 strapped to his chest leaving only a mother-of-pearl tie clip in his wake. The search termed “norjak” by the FBI took place around the Lakeside town of Ariel. Did we mention he demanded 4 parachutes!

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