Cirio De Nazare


Cirio De Nazare
Cirio De Nazare

When and Where This South American festival lasts the first 3 weeks or so in October. The famous procession usually takes place on the second weekend in October in Praca Justo Chermont in Belem, the North of Brazil.

What to expect During this Latin America festival a statue of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré is returned from Icoaraci to Belem.

Nossa Senhora de Nazaré

There is a river procession where the statue is surrounded by hundreds of boats and brought along the river. The next day a carnaval atmosphere surrounds the statue as it is returned to Catedral Da Se to the Basilica. The holy statue is placed on a chariot decorated with beautiful Amazon flowers as locals struggle through the crowds just to get a touch of the statue. The procession takes 5 hours during which there is lots of traditional music and dancing. The statue rests there for a couple of weeks and then is returned to Catedral Da Se for the next years Brasilian festival.

Getting there Book a flight into any airport in Brasil here. Belem has it's own airport.

Accommodation in Belem

Where to stay Book your accommodation for The Círio de Nazaré in advance. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation available in Belem here.

History Círio de Nazaré Festival

History This South American fiesta was first celebrated in 1793. The statue from Nazareth Galilee is said to have performed several miracles in Portugal for hundreds of years before it was lost, found and worshipped in Brasil.

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