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Cherry Blossom Japan Festival

Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom Japan Hanima When & Where The Cherry Blossom Japan Festival is an Asian festival which takes place from January to May across the different areas of Japan depending on when the blossoms open up.

In Tokyo get to either Shinjuku Gyoen or Ueno-Koen

In Kyoto get to Maruyama-Koen

Try getting to the mountains of Yoshino for the most spectacular views in Japan.

What to Expect This is the best time to visit Japan as the country looks like something from a fairytale (which the news reports on daily !). The Japanese tradition of Hanami is to picnic among the Cherry trees throughout the day and also by the moonlight. Kyoto is a great place to celebrate this Japanese festival with massive cherry blossom trees as a centerpiece in most parks. For a re-enactment of a party that originally took place in 1598 go to the Diago Ji Temple on the Second Sunday in April: everyone is wearing period costumes.

Getting there Book a flight into Tokyo or any airport in Japan here or book a train in Asia here.

Accommodation in Japan

Where to stay Book your accommodation for this Japanese Samurai Festival below. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Tokyo, Kyoto & the rest of Japan available here.

History of Hanami Cherry Blossoms

This Japanese festival is a commemorate of the most beautiful natural sight in Japan and also an ancient tradition to celebrate the advent of Summer.

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