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Carnaval Blancos & Negros

Carnaval Blancos Negros in Columbia
Carnaval-Negros-y-Blancos by Fernando Cano Busques

When & Where This Columbian Carnavil takes place in town of Pasto - Narino , Colombia from 5th-6th January every year. The 5th of January is the day of the blacks and the 6th is the day of the whites. The parades start on January 4th with the celebration of the "Arrival of the CastaƱeda Family" from Spain.

Carnaval De Blancos y Negros Pasto

Blancos negros Carnival What to Expect The tradition holds that slaves must decorate their faces white to represent their masters and their masters must paint their faces black to represent their slaves. This isn't afternoon tea and crumpets adjourned by a face painter but a full on pasting of faces by use of flour, talc, chalk, grease, tar and anything that will stick.

Getting there There are flights available from Bogota Airport to Pasto airport here or book a train here

Pasto Blancos e Negros Carnaval

Where to stay There is cheap accommodation and excellent hotels available in Pasto during the Black and white carnival available here

Blanco Negro Colombia History Narinos Carnaval Blancos y Negros This South American festival dates back hundreds of years to the times of conquistadores when plantations were harvested. This South American festival was originally a holiday for the slaves on plantations.

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