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Caravaca Festival in Spain

Caravaca Del Cruz Caballo

When & Where The Caravaca Festival Spanish Fiesta usually takes place in early May in the town of Caravaca in the province of Murcia near Alicante in Spain.

The next Caravaca festival will be 30th April to 4th May 2011.

What to expect This Spanish festival begins with a procession in the Iglese early in the morning as a cross is submerged in a silver urn which is filled with wine & surrounded by local Spanish flowers which soak up any overflow. Then it celebrates the race of the "Wine Horses" - Caballos De Vino. Horses wearing beautifully embroidered garments race from the bottom of the town up to the castle - Castillo. There are porters on each side and the entire town lines up to support the efforts.

Getting there Book a flight into Alicante, Murcia or any Spanish airport here or book a train in Spain here.

Accommodation in Caravaca

Caravaca Del Cruz Caballo Fiesta Where to stay Book your accommodation for Caravaca De La Cruz well in advance as it's a small town. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Murcia available in advance here.

History Caravaca De La Cruz

History The True Cross was a miracle and gift from an angel to a Christian delivering mass at a procession to satisify a Moors curiosity regardng the Christian Faith. This Spanish fiesta dates back to 1250 when knights would deliver wine across the territory ruled by the Moors to the keepers of the Vera CruzTrue Cross.

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