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Cannes Film Festival

Borat causing a splash at
Cannes Film Festival
Borat Cannes Film Festival

When & Where The Cannes Film Festival takes place in the town Cannes on the South Coast/ Cote d'Azur in France. It usually takes place for the last 12 days of May but may adjust to suit 2 weekends.

What to Expect 50,000 film directors, agents and producers an actors promoting over 7,000 films through lavish parties on luxurious boats and in clubs. Official screenings take place in the Palais des Festival but don't expect to buy a ticket and stroll in, Canne Cinephiles will help you out to secondary screenings however.

Don't forget your

1. Camera- you never know what celeb you may see

2. Autograph book - you never know what celeb you might see!

3. Binoculars - you never know what celeb you might see

4. A good alibi - some celebs are very stalker sensitive

Getting there Book a flight into any French Airport here or book a train here.

Accommodation in Cannes

Where to stay Book your accommodation below for The Cannes Festival. There's quality hotels or limited cheap accommodation in the South of France available here.

French Film Festival : Cannes


This European movie festival was scheduled for 1939 but was postponed until 1946 after WWII.

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