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Santísima Sangre

Bulls to the Sea

When & Where The Bulls-to-the-Sea is a Spanish religious Festival which occurs for 1 week during the second week of July. This Spanish fiesta occurs in the town of Denia, Valencia in the South-East of Spain.

What to expect Celebrations last for a full week with floats, concerts, sports competitions and fireworks.


Bous a la Mar

Bulls into Sea Spanish Festival This Spanish festival culminates in the Bous a la Mar. This is when bulls are released through the streets and directed towards down Marques de Campo, a temporary bullring which is missing a wall. The missing wall is replaced with a pier. The object is to taunt the bull enough to let him chase you then lead him off the pier. So when he runs at you jump off the pier into the Mediterranean Sea with the bull jumping in after you. Just hope he doesn’t land on your head ! There are people on hand to help the bull out of the water.

Getting there The nearest airport is Valencia International Airport, you can book a flight here or book a train here.

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