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Batalla Del Vino in Haro Spain

Batalla-Del-Vino When & Where The Battalla-Del-Vino occurs every St. Pedro’s day 29th June 9am in Haro in Spain is 100km South of Bilbao.

Why A land dispute with neighbouring town Miranda De Ebro regarding the mountains between them - Montes Obarenes. The dispute dates back to the 10th century. The history of the battle of the wine goes back to 1906.

Where to stay There are excellent Hotels and pensiones in the Haro area available to book here.

Getting there Vitoria is the nearest airport, you can book a flight here you can also take a train to Haro here.

Batalla-del-vino, Haro-wine-battle, spanish-wine-festival Riscos de Bilibo The Regidor Sindico (the Mayor) passes through town on horseback, up the mountains to the chapel. Everyone follows him with anything that is capable of holding wine.

Haro-wine-fight, spanish-wine fight, wine-fight-festival People walk 7kms to this small chapel and statue of San Felices. A quick service. Right after Haro and all it’s members, temporary and permanent, rush outside and mayhem ensues. Afterwards everyone returns to the bullring.

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