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Rainbow Serpent Festival

Chennai Classical Month
Chennai month of classic music in India a month of Classical Music dedicated to the Chennai/Madras Southern Indian Culture.

St. Jeromes Laneway
Laneway packs thousands of people into Australias laneways boiled by the Summer heat then blares cutting edge music down their ears.

Rainbow Serpent Music The Rainbow Serpent Music Festival providing everything from techy grooves to psychedelic funk. Australia's answer to Burning Man.

Fuji Rock Festival

Big Day Out
This is the Southern Hemispheres most awesome travelling music show, 2009 dates are almost sold out check here for tickets, news on acts and locations.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year, celebrate the new year with Dragons & fireworks as China's greatest celebrations start in Beijing & Hong Kong then echo around the world.

Australia Day Sydney
Australia Day in Sydney the ultimate Ozzy celebration down under and all over the world.

Ati Atihan FestivalAti Atihan
Ati Atihan the Philippines most crazy celebration, world renowned as Asia's greatest party which doesn't disappoint.

Singapore M1 Fringe
Singapore M1 Fringe 2009 the theme is Art&Family there are already lots of acts confirmed with loads of street performers promising to be there too. The cutting edge in performance.


Holi in IndiaLanter-Festival-Pingsi
Holi in India beautiful way to celebrate the second moon. Almost all of India celebrates with bonfires and crazy colour throwing fights.

Lantern Festival
For six days every the town of Pingsi in Taiwan creates the most beautiful skyline in the world as thousands of Chinese lanterns are released to the sound of music and celebrating below.

Future Music Festival Australia
Sydney Performing Arts Fest 2009
Sydney Festival 2009, the biggest & best theatre & performance festival in Australia with lots of free events.

Future Music
Future Music Festival Down Under's danceathon- 7 days- 5 cities- the world's best dance djs and thousands of people bouncing around.

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
Sydney Mardi Gras: A street filling event of parades and entertainment hosted by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian community. Fun for all regardless of sexual orientation

Thaipusam in PenangThaipusam in Penang
Thaipusam in Penang is a celebration of the Kevadi. People perform fascinating feats and exercise exreme will power in the name of religion.


Penis Fertility day in Japan
Penis Celebrations in Japan ? Ho¬nen Matsuri is a day of crazy rejoicing worshiping everything wangtastic.

Songkran  Water Fest Thailand

Sunburst Kuala Lumpur
Sunburst: Kuala Lumpurs newest music festival looks set to bring thousands more every year with excellent line-ups & quirky entertainment.


Songkran Water Fight
Songkran Water Fight: celebrate the new year in Thailand and enjoy the party in Chang Mai.


Nimbin Mardi Grass FestivalNimbin Mardi Grass
Australia’s celebration of everything natural, side effects guaranteed.

Pulilan Carabao
Pulilan Carabao is the celebration of Saint Isidro but it's really just a good excuse for painting water buffaloes and partying.

Celebrate the New Year in April in Burma with a five day festival culminating in a waterfight.

Pulilan Caraboa Festival Philippines


The Dreaming Festival
Australias Aborigine festival with thousands of performers, shows, rituals and ceremonies.


Hungry Ghost
Hungry Ghost Festival in China stay away from water but not the ghost party.

Seven Sisters Lovers Festival in Hong Kong: An Eastern matchmaking fest.

Alice Springs Camel Cup
A celebration of the Afghan peoples local contribution.

Naadam fest in Mongolia
This Asian festivals is the most macho tough guy event in the world with awesome traditions and strong, potent drinks to keep your spirits high.

Darwin Beer Can Regatta
Darwin Beer Can Regatta - Build a ship for battle out of 1000 beer cans. Or just drink the beer. The regatta is where you can get away with both.Darwin Beer Can Regatta

Fuji Rock Fest
Japans largest outdoors fest, this Asian festivals held high up in a ski resort.




Festival of the Ages
Ages Festival Japan mourn the departure of the court system then celebrate with traditions dating back to 750AD.

Full Moon Party
The Full Moon party on Koh Phangan where up to 30,000 people get a boat out to Haad Rin paradise beach off of Thailand and help themselves to local buckets of drink and Mushroom shakes.

Full Moon Festival Thailand


Monkey Festival in Lopburi
Thailands awesome monkey party at the Pra Prang Sam Yot Buddhist temple. Watch the locals dance at this Asian festvals, hold a feast for the monkeys, pray for the monkeys and party on.

Bicycle Film Fest
This extreme yet artistic celebration blazes a trail around the world providing awesome tricks, films and partys on it's merry way.

Surin Elephant CelebrationNadaam Mongolia
Surin Elephant Festival pays the mightiest animal in the world a thousands complements as the elephants display their capabilities and are worshipped so.


Woodford Folk Festival
Get back to the root traditions of Aborigine culture AT Australias biggest indigenous festival.

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