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About Festivalpig

Dear Loyal Festivalpig fan,

SO you would like to know about Festivalpig ? well we went live 1st May 2007 but our story began long before that. Many years ago a group of friends started venturing to festivals. These festivals were difficult to find out about and so the group of friends always documented their information in case they wanted to return there.

About Festivalpig Eventually as the circle of friends grew they began to recommend festivals and share festival information with each other. A community was built where people could find out quality information about festivals they wanted to visit (by email) and so the world became a smaller place :)

Festivals Information

Festivalpig Oktoberfest
This website brings all that experienced festival information together in one neat website as well as updated information our festival junkies journalists write daily.

Love Parade 2010So basically Festivalpig is a website for people who love culture and travel. In fact sometimes we forget festivals and do something crazy like cycle the length of Africa.

With over 1 million website visitors each year we are truly stoked with our success & it we sleep well at night knowing you are having fun. All we ask of you is to enjoy our website. Well that and spread the good word of the pig to your great friends. Maybe join our facebook group too. Oh don't forget to checkout our sponsors links on this website whenever possible too. Actually that is a pretty important thing because we need money to feed the pig :)

So remember 1) Enjoy 2) Spread word 3) Join Facebook 4) Sponsors

Of course Festivalpig can't be at all the festivals on this website and so a big thanks is in order to the many of you who have contributed photos, articles or just a funny tip and helped build our festival database. You are all honorary pigs.

Do you think you are a pig ? Now you can tell your festival story or if you are a festival organiser you can promote your festival here. If you would like to contact the pig about any of our articles or perhaps an opportunity to work together, contact us here.

High five,


Things change, always check details with a second source. We do not guarantee the validity of information found here and on associated websites and therefore can not be held liable. www.FestivalPig.com © All Rights Reserved 2007-2015.

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